Nigeria Is At Moderate Risk Of Marburg Virus, Per NCDC

According to the Nigerian Center for Illness Control, Nigeria is at a low risk of seeing an epidemic of the Marburg virus disease.

The World Health Organization recognised the disease’s outbreak in Ghana on July 17, at which point the NCDC issued the following statement.

The centre indicated that it was on high alert due to Ghana’s close proximity to Nigeria and the WHO notice.

Two guys in Ghana, aged 26 and 51, who were not connected to one another, perished from the illness.

This zoonotic illness has now been discovered twice in West Africa after being discovered for the first time in Guinea in August 2021. The illness was initially discovered in 1967 following epidemics in the German towns of Marburg and Frankfurt as well as Belgrade, Serbia. In other African countries since then, isolated instances and outbreaks have been reported.

Similar to the Ebola virus, its closest relative and the only other member of the Filoviridae family of viruses, the Marburg virus infects people and non-human primates and produces a rare, extremely contagious sickness and severe hemorrhagic fever.

The National Reference Laboratory in Abuja and the University of Lagos Teaching Hospital laboratory Centre for Human and Zoonotic Virology, according to the NCDC, are now the only places in Nigeria where the virus can be tested for.

In a press release posted on the center’s website, its director general, Dr. Ifedayo Adetifa, stated: “Given the proximity of Ghana to Nigeria as well as the WHO alert, the NCDC-led multisectoral National Emerging Viral Haemorrhagic Diseases Working Group (EVHDWG), that coordinates preparedness efforts for MVD, and other emerging viral hemorrhagic diseases, has conducted a rapid risk assessment to guide in-

The proximity (same region), high traffic from Ghana and nations that share borders with Ghana, the incubation period of the virus of 21 days, increased surveillance at point of entry, Nigeria’s capacity to respond to the outbreak in the country, and the potential impact on the Nigerian population are all factors that NCDC experts and partners determined to be Moderate based on available data.

The National Reference Laboratory in Abuja and the University of Lagos Teaching Hospital laboratory Centre for Human and Zoonotic Virology are now equipped to conduct the viral tests in Nigeria. If necessary, the diagnostic capability may be increased up to other laboratories. In the event of a solitary imported case, Nigeria has the resources (human, technical, and laboratory) to identify and control the situation quickly.

“However, as stated by the Ghana Health Service, the current situation in Ghana is under control, which may further lower the danger of importation. While there is increased surveillance in Togo and Benin, active case discovery is still going on in Ghana. As a result, the response scenario may alter over the next several days due to control measures in Ghana and potential WHO advisories.

Additionally, a large number of the contacts being followed up on in Ghana will shortly leave the 21-day quarantine period, and no secondary cases have been identified to yet.

“As of right now, Nigeria has not recorded any cases of the Marburg virus sickness. To stop a disease epidemic in the nation, several steps are being implemented. A trained fast reaction team is ready to deploy in the case of an epidemic, the National Reference Laboratory is equipped to test for MVD, point of entry surveillance has been increased, and the Incident Coordination Centre of the NCDC is operating in alert mode.

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